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Non-Habitual Residence

Which are the advantages of this tax regime?

  • For a period of 10 years, taxation related to IRS (personal income tax) on labour income in Portugal is at a fixed rate of 20%
  • No double taxation for pensions or for employment and self-employment income obtained abroad

How can one request a Non-Habitual Resident status?

  • Having not been a resident in Portugal for the last 5 years;
  • Register at the local tax office as a tax resident in Portugal (to do so you must have remained in Portugal for more than 183 consecutive or non-consecutive days);
  • Request that the status of Non-Habitual Resident be attributed at the time of registering as a tax resident in Portugal, or by 31st March of the year following that in which you become a resident in Portugal.

This information is based on the website "Living in Portugal" and is not intended to be a substitute to consulting the applicable legislation. Please consult your lawyer or solicitor

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