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Find The Algarve Best Beaches

Beaches in the Algarve offer all kinds of holiday scenes, whether it be ostentatious rock formations, or building-high cliffs, exotic white sands in desert islands, beach coves only accessible by boat or even simple long stretches of sand where you can run as you wish and breathe in that special sea breeze.

Beaches in Eastern Algarve

Cabanas Island near Tavira
Just across the river from the little village of Cabanas, when the tide is low a beautiful island surfaces with the Ria Formosa on one side and the ocean on the other. This uniqueness is home to a remarkable blend of fresh and salt water wildlife, from fauna to flora. The perfect exploration ground for all nature lovers. Although perhaps challenging to reach, the Cabanas Island near Tavira, there are Water Taxis in the village that make this trip fun and different. Otherwise, wait for those low tides and take an adventurous walk across the river.

Armona Island near Olhão
One of the most beautiful treasures the Algarve has to offer is the protected zone of the Ria Formosa and within this area are hidden the most fabulous of white and private sandy islands. The Armona Island is absolutely precious, which can only be accessed by taxi or ferry, with regular trips throughout the day from both Faro and Olhão.

Although only 1 km wide, it is a great venue for the true nature of life in the Algarve. Filled with small fisherman or holiday houses, restaurants with fresh local products and of course, the exotic style sand and sea. An experience not be missed for all Algarve lovers.

Barril Beach near Tavira
Praia do Barril is a beautiful stretch of silvery white sand and transparent blue sea. Home to the iconic scene of numerous anchors is undoubtedly of the most relaxing beaches in the Algarve. Another highlighting aspect of Barril Beach is that the access has been made different, seeing as the last kilometre to the beach can be made walking or in a picturesque train that allows holidaymakers to fully enjoy the nature that surrounds them.

Fuseta Beach near Olhão
This is another peaceful beach which dances with the tides and when low boasts a type of island surrounded by the Ria Formosa and the sea. Accessible either by foot or with the ferry/taxi, this is a marvellous beach for an all day outing, as you bring along your picnic and even perhaps compete with waves through a watersport.

Praia do Farol near Faro
Home to a historic lighthouse built in 1851, this beach is known to locals as Ilha do Farol. It is indeed an island, and one which has been home to many fisherman’s families for many years. It is a beach that is extremely popular with inhabitants of Faro and Olhão, who many times take the first ferry out and come back on the last ferry to make the most of the day. Just like the Armona Island, this beach is a marvellous way to really understand and enjoy the culture of the true Algarve.

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Beaches in Central Algarve

Marinha Beach near Lagoa
Considered one the World’s 100 best beaches and one of Europe’s Top 10, this beach is an absolute treasure in the Algarve coast. Some of its most features are its long stretch of golden sand, its deep blue clear waters and the surrounding dramatic cliff and rock formations. Blessed with calm waters and giving shade from the sun and shelter from the wind with its beautiful cliffs, this is a wonderful beach for a fun family outing.

Ancão Beach near Loulé
Located between Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, the Ancão Beach enjoy an extensive sandy beach perfect for daily walks with the dog or jogging. With an accessible and close parking lot, this stretch of dunes also boasts a wooden path starting at the entrance of Faro Beach, all the way to Julia’s Beach. Another serene and extremely safe beach for the whole family.

Falésia Beach near Quarteira
This beach sees many locals and tourists enjoy its long beach spread to take long walks by the sea. Alongside a calm sea and safe family day, the many bars and restaurants on the dunes provide fantastic sunset parties and casual beach lunches.

Vale de Centeanas Beach near Carvoeiro
If you wish to take a long and absolutely mesmerizing walk along the tall cliffs in the Algarve, this is a wonderful place to start. There is a path that has been built all the way on top of the beach, overlooking the fabulous never-ending ocean, and you can simply glide through the various beaches and observe almost from a birds eye view. The beach itself is quite small, so it's always best to arrive early and enjoy that refreshing morning breeze on the sand. You can also enjoy the sun-beds to hire, or even the restaurants and bars around.

Rocha Beach near Albufeira
This beach is a very popular destination for Algarve visitors. The Praia da Rocha beach provides a long and wide beach that goes all the way to the Portimão Marina. Following the literal name translation, this is the “Beach of the Rock”, due to the beautiful and dramatic rock formations that adorn the sea.

This really is a great beach for the whole family, with activities and space for everyone. Although this beach is normally quite busy, there is always the chance to enjoy laying your towel on the sand, a wonderful fresh ice cream and even a wonderfully breezy boat trip.

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Beaches in Western Algarve

Praia do Camilo, near Lagos
Known as perhaps one of the smallest beaches along the Algarve coast, this is definitely not a beach to be missed. It is really worth the marvel of the beautifully imposing rocks that can be accessed either by walking or swimming around the cliffs and visiting the adjacent caves. A wonderful place for some stand-up paddle or even renting a canoe to enjoy some stillness with nature.

Praia de Odeceixe in Alzejur
As we head over further into the most Western point in Europe, we are blessed more and more with the untouched secrets of the Algarve. It's an absolutely marvellous place filled with silence and peace. The uniqueness of this place is how as tide lowers we are welcomed to a river style island/beach, offering the most amazing of experiences with nature.

Monte Clérigo Beach in Alzejur
As part of the Vicentine Coast Monte Clérigo Beach is the perfect mix of a relaxed family afternoon, with an adventures surfing morning. The fauna and flora that embellish this beach are worth the visit and deserve our absolute attention.

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