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What is The Art Scene Like in The Algarve?
Just when you thought you had seen everything in the Algarve, the bright colours and environment come to inspire you and the resident artists who live here. Beyond the beautiful coastlines food and culture, the art scene has become increasingly exciting and internationally appreciated. Inspired by their surroundings, artists in the Algarve recreate the luxurious scenes and life that surrounds them and translate this creativity into stunning art.

For years local artists, as well as those from abroad, have found inspiration here in the Algarve. Their art enchants restaurants, galleries and even properties all over the Algarve and Portugal. Here, at ONE Select Properties, we acknowledge the beauty seen and shared through paintings however, we also find this allure in the properties we represent.

Meinke Flesseman
A dutch born artist, formerly lived in the Netherlands and Russia, and chose to establish herself in Olhão. A beautiful fisherman’s town, that has seen increasingly more immigrants settle there due to the easy way of living, safe environment and pleasurable neighbourhood. Portuguese traditional tiles share an enormous similarity with the artistic ceramics found in Delft. Through the eyes of Meinke, this has been reflected in the beautiful use of local tiles and the marine blues. If you want to find out more, visit the gallery in Olhão.

meinke flesseman beach life in armona

Alyson Sheldrake

Alyson Sheldrake is an acrylic medium based artist who produces both portraits and landscapes of her beautiful surroundings in the Algarve. She always looks to include some local features such as a lighthouse, a stork’s nest, or even a Portuguese pathway encompassed by an abstract application of a sky and the beach. The uniqueness is found in the beautiful shapes, colour ways and frames based sometimes on her husband’s, David Sheldrake’s, professional photographs.

girls on the beach by alyson sheldrake

June Szucs

Its certainly promising and nurturing to see how the beautiful surroundings of the Algarve feature and come to inspire the now resident artists. June Szucs, originally from the UK, while exploring the art of oils and acrylics portrays beautiful farm animals with stunning backgrounds of the Portuguese azulejo. Reinventing two traditional features with a new approach to be welcomed by its viewer. Besides portraiture June Szucs also explores local landscapes of beaches and flower fields these undertaking a realistic form with the use of oil and spatulas.

june szucs farm animals paint

Where can I find Art Galleries in the Algarve?

As much as we love to stroll through this digital age and inspire ourselves on social media and the internet, the Algarve is filled with fantastic galleries that feature local and international painters and sculptures. As an end of day or weekend cultural getaway why not visit ArtCatto in Loulé, Corte Real in Albufeira or Galeria de Arte LIR in Lagoa. You will find new exhibitions and monthly, discover new artists and share your love for the local art with other connoisseurs.

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