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As the weather warms in the Algarve, it’s time to prepare your property’s garden and patio for a wonderful summer of outdoor recreation and relaxation. Here are some suggestions to help you kick back in style while you soak up the warmth of the Algarve sun.


Bring Indoor Comfort Outdoors
A new range of waterproof, fade-resistant acrylic fabrics make it possible to furnish your garden with sofas, armchairs, daybeds, rugs, beanbags, blankets and cushions. By seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor comfort, you can bring the cosiness of inside outside, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Your garden ‘room’ can be configured to make the most of your available space. Planning your outdoor layout is very similar to planning your indoor layout. Think about where people will want to walk, where they will sit, eat and talk. The main difference is, of course, the Algarve sun. Consider how to make the most of the warmth and light it brings, and how to ensure plenty of shade for when you need to cool down.

Once you have settled on the arrangement of your outdoor space, there are a range of design techniques you can use to distinguish the different zones. As well as positioning rugs, side tables and portable fire pits, you can include features that are traditionally associated with indoors, such as entertainment systems, bars and even fireplaces.

Finally, fitting a cover of some sort over part of your garden space can dramatically increase the amount of enjoyment you get from it. Your canopy can be permanent, temporary or even something else entirely that provides cover, such as a pergola, gazebo or tree. Whether taking a break from the sun or sheltering from the rain, a roofed area is a useful option – and it helps to maintain the sensation of being in an outdoor room.

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Use Coastal Colours to Brighten the Mood
Some of the most popular fabrics this summer incorporate shades and patterns that reflect the uplifting colours of the Algarve coastline. Taking inspiration from the sea, sand, shells and sky, a palette of soft coastal blues, ivories and bisque create a calm, relaxed ambiance that evokes the carefree feel of the summer beach all year round.

Using blocks of colour – such as by painting a wall, hanging a large piece of fabric or covering a piece of furniture in a distinctive shade – is a great way to suggest where one area stops and another area begins. This can help you create distinctive outdoor environments for specific activities, such as dining, relaxing and leisure.

use coastal colours to brighten the mood

Evoke Traditional Charm With Local Products
The Algarve is a wonderful place to source local artisan products for your home. From woven palm to colourful ceramics, the distinctive style of local handcrafted products will add authentic charm to your outdoor space. For example: 

  • Calçada Portuguesa - traditional mosaic style of Portuguese paving that looks awesome in all weathers.
  • Azulejos - glazed painted ceramic tiles with age-old colours and designs that transform plain walls into decorative focal points.
  • Terracotta tiles - made by hand in Vale de Mealhas from Algarvian earth, each one  possessing their own individual character.

All over Portugal, there are unique products made out of local, natural materials, such as wood, cork, ceramic and glass, limestone, marble and granite. 

Similarly, adding traditional plants from the Algarve to your garden will ensure your flowers and foliage flourish. They are suited to the Portuguese climate and they will add further indigenous charm to your outdoors – and you may even be able to do without a costly irrigation system. In addition, locally sourced plants will support local wildlife, such as the native insects and birds that are vital to the Algarve’s eco-system.

garden ideas

Enjoy The Pleasures of Sustainable Living
The Algarve provides a great climate for growing your own fruit and vegetables. From wall-mounted vertical herb gardens to cascading vines and glorious fruit trees – growing fruit and vegetable in your garden not only keeps you supplied with delicious things to eat, it makes a beautiful addition to the appearance of your garden.

Also, why not help to bring the birds and the bees to your backyard? Bees and chickens bring a whole new dimension to your outdoor space. Incorporating a beehive or chicken coop is great for the environment and a great talking point next time you invite guests into your garden.

These are just a few of the design ideas that are helping people get maximum pleasure from their Algarve real estate this summer. With such a variety of One Select Properties’ to choose from, these top tips will help to make your dream home even more of a personal paradise.

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