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If you're considering selling your property, you're likely aware of the numerous decisions and agreements that come into play. One crucial choice that can significantly impact your selling experience is whether to opt for an exclusive sales agreement. When you work with ONE Select Properties, a leading name in the real estate industry, you're not just making a decision about how to sell your property – you're gaining access to a tailor-made marketing strategy and a network of buyers that can elevate your selling process.


The Distinctive Advantage of an Exclusive Sales Agreement
The concept of an exclusive sales agreement might sound restrictive at first, but in reality, it opens doors to a faster, more streamlined selling experience. At ONE Select Properties, our years of expertise have shown that properties listed under an exclusive sales agreement tend to sell twice as fast as those under a simple sales agreement. Nationally, statistics reveal that a remarkable 77% of properties marketed exclusively are sold in under 3 months, as compared to 55% under a simple sales agreement.

So, what sets an exclusive sales agreement apart? One word: simplicity. With an exclusive agreement, you deal with a single point of contact – us. This approach fosters a privileged relationship with our dedicated team, ensuring that your sales process remains transparent and hassle-free.


Tailored Marketing Strategy for Your Unique Property
Your property is not just another listing – it's a piece of real estate with its own story, character, and appeal. ONE Select Properties understands this perfectly. As a part of our exclusive sales agreement, we collaborate closely with our clients to create a marketing strategy that aligns with the property's distinct features and the seller's objectives.

We offer an extended reach to a national and international network of buyers. With an exclusive sales agreement, your property takes center stage, enjoying heightened visibility and attention. Gone are the days of getting lost in a sea of listings. Instead, your property shines as a rarity, drawing potential buyers in.



Crafting Your Unique Marketing Journey
When you partner with ONE Select Properties for an exclusive sales agreement, your property benefits from a meticulously crafted marketing journey. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Social Media Spotlight: We showcase your property on our active social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, ensuring it's in the spotlight for potential buyers to discover.

Visual Showcase: High-quality visuals matter. Our professional camera and drone footage result in stunning videos that not only capture your property's essence but also elevate its appeal.

Online Prestige: Your property will feature on renowned International real estate websites in key markets, such as Rightmove, Luxury Estate, Financial Times, James Edition, Mer et Demeures.

Print Presence: Our strategic partnerships with local and international print media land other high-profile platforms ensure your property's presence in quality publications.

Local Impact: Display windows in our offices strategically located in key areas ensure your property remains visible to those passing by.

Transparent Updates: After each property visit, you receive updates on potential buyers' interactions, keeping you well-informed throughout the process.


ONE Select Properties: Going Above and Beyond
At ONE Select Properties, we believe in providing a comprehensive service that goes beyond the ordinary. When it's time to sell your property, remember that choosing an exclusive sales agreement with ONE Select Properties isn't just about selling – it's about crafting a unique selling experience that's tailored to your property and your aspirations. With a focus on efficiency, visibility, and collaboration, we're here to make your property shine in the real estate market.


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