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Why Invest in Portuguese Property? Because of The Almond Blossom
The Algarve is renowned for its wonderous beauty and is a fantastic place to be throughout the year. At this time in February, we would expect to see more snow, but that is no reason to be downhearted for those who live here. If you own or rent a home in Algarve, one glance through your window and the snow will soon be forgotten as you fall instantly under the spell of the gorgeous almond blossoms that are February’s gift to the Algarve, and a part of the region’s story.

almond blossom

Imagine the scene: it was long ago when the Moors still ruled Algarve (or Al-Gharb as it was known then) and a young king fell in love with the Norse goddess, Gilda. He conquered her land and took her home to Algarve as his wife.

Sadly, it wasn’t long until the lovestruck king noticed that his bride was downcast, and he summoned every physician in the world to uncover the reason why, but not one of them could find the answer.

After a time, a Nordic doctor discovered that Gilda pined for her snow-covered homeland. With haste, the king instructed his gardeners to plant row after row of almond trees throughout Algarve. Soon his kingdom was a blanket of white blooms and the queen was happy once again.


Algarve Landscapes Inspiring the Imagination – Past and Present
This delightful tale might be folklore but, what is true is that the almond tree blossoms remain one of Algarve’s most stunning features.

It’s no surprise then that such delicate floral beauty captured the imagination of the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. During his most active period, he painted the Almond Blossoms series (1888,1890), having been inspired by the hope and joy of these beautiful trees of the Algarve landscape. An online search shows how many retailers today sell prints of Van Gogh’s elegant masterpieces, revealing the extent to which we are still captivated by these delicate buds.

Whether you live or holiday in Algarve, you must explore the Almond Tree Route. Once among these legendary blossoms, you might even be inspired to create your own art; water colours, photography, flower pressing, embroidery… you are only limited by your imagination!


algarve almond flowers

Why Choose the Algarve For a Holiday or Investment Property?
Algarve lifestyle and cuisine often includes almonds, which encourages many tourists to rent properties and stay in the region at this time of year. Most of us have tasted marzipan and this almond-based sweet paste created by artisan confectioners can be found in southern Portugal.

Orange and almond cake, cinnamon and almond foil wrapped nests, and almond and fig carob cake are just some of the sweet indulgent delights you will find while here. Or you can try the versatile Amarguinha almond fruit liqueur as an aperitif, digestif and as a distinctive cocktail.


In whatever way you decide to spend your time in Algarve this year, One Select Properties is here to help you enjoy it. Our team of experienced consultants will introduce you to unique luxury holiday and investment properties, and without any need to conquer the region!

Our passion for and knowledge of the Algarve guarantees you a personal service by professionals committed to you and your property. So, why not visit us online, or book an appointment to see us at our office in Quinta Shopping luxury mall, at the heart of the Quinta do Lago opposite the exclusive Quinta do Lago resort and Conrad Hilton Hotel.

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