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As the years go by this paradise by the sea keeps getting better and better. Even with the current worldwide struggle we are still facing, there have been new and exciting projects that we could not wait to share with you.


Tony’s at Quinta Shopping
If you enjoy tasty and comforting Italian food you will not want to miss this. Get ready to indulge in the freshest of ingredients wisely chosen to rock your taste buds. Tony's offers everything from “Antipasti”, to Pizzas, Pastas, Desserts and even a “Bambini” menu. Enjoy a tasty sourdough Bruschetta, followed by Mortadella Meatballs, a Parma Ham Pizza and finish with a delicious Panna Cotta. Can you resist?

Tony's at Quinta Shopping

Blu at Quinta Shopping
Enjoying a coffee in the sunshine in Quinta Shopping is a must and Blu is the perfect place. It is the best spot to enjoy your morning newspaper read or simply freshen up after a stroll by the beach. Take all your healthy wishes and tie them up with some homemade “pasteis de nata”... that is Blu. They have freshly made granola, super juices, sourdough bread, patisserie, salads, sandwiches and delicious tapas.

BLU Cafe Quinta do Lago, Algarve

Umami at Quinta do Lago Resort
In Japanese, Umami means “essence of deliciousness”, or is also known as the elements added to food which enhance or deepen flavours. Well, this latest edition to the Quinta do Lago restaurant repertoire is exactly that. A luxury Asian & Sushi cuisine, with an extreme focus on flavour, paired with an unmistakable view of the lake and nature reserve. Delight yourself with exquisite cocktails and signature dishes.

Umami at Quinta-do-Lago Resort

The Bold Octopus at Ancão Beach
One can never say no to seafood, cocktails and sunsets and that is exactly what you will find at The Bold Octopus. Just a few steps from the beach, the views are incredible throughout the day and jaw dropping as the sun sets. This is the place for family and friends, where all will be delighted. Start with some beef tataki and popcorn shrimp, followed by some grilled tiger prawns paired with a fresh glass of white wine and why not finish with a fruity mango cheesecake. Try it out and let us know what you think.

The Bold Octopus at Ancão Beach

Wooden Walking Path at Quinta do Lago, from Julia’s Beach to Faro Island
This is the revamp many local hikers have been hoping for. Taking a walk by the Nature Reserve all the way to Ludo, was and is, a Sunday tradition for many families that live locally, but the latest improvements have definitely enhanced this trademark. A huge undertaking done mostly through lockdown, the new wooden walking path starts at Julia’s Beach and covers the distance up to Faro Island. With various entries throughout, this is a wonderful way to walk to your favourite beachside restaurant or take your dogs for a walk.

New Wood Bridge to Ancão Beach

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