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What is the Magusto Celebration in Portugal?
In the rare, but very bright, sunny days of November comes the wonderful time of the Summer of São Martinho. For decades the 11th of November has been dedicated to the celebration of this Saint, Patron of the Commissionaires, originally from Szambatkely in Hungary.

The legend writes that on a rainy and windy day, as the villagers kept inside, in the warmth, Martinho courageously galloped along the hills on his horse. Miles along the road he found a beggar, for who, with his sword, cut half of his cape to help shelter from the cold. Getting back on his horse, Martinho followed his path and later God decided to thank him, by bringing along a sunny day, initiating the Summer of Sao Martinho.


“Em dia de São Martinho, faz o magusto e prova o teu vinho”
The typical and well-known saying explains that during this time, one is to enjoy the “magusto”, together with some wine, getting ready for the cold winter days to come. The menu combines roasted chestnuts together with a gentle wine, made with water and the remains of grape residues.

In the month of November, the Magusto is celebrated all throughout Portugal. In Vila do Conde, chestnuts are accompanied by wheat bread and walnuts and in Minho the chestnuts are enjoyed alongside a pork killing. In Golegã, close to Santarem, there is the centenary and well known horse Fair of Golegã. The meca of the Lusitanian horse, where people get dressed up, eat traditional food and drink good wine, together with competitions, games and equestrian exhibitions.

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Your Cozy Winter Villa in the Algarve
The winter months in Portugal are a real treat for those who get to come to the Algarve for a getaway, or who have decided to permanently reside here. To enjoy or even imagine your life in the Algarve, and if you are dreaming to buy a house in Quinta do Lago or Vale do Lobo, take a look at out property list.

If you are looking to buy a house in the Algarve, and to make the most of the luxury lifestyle you can have here, the ONE Select Properties team, the best estate agency in the Algarve, will always work towards making your journey one that is extremely pleasant. We will always look to help you throughout the buying or selling process so that no detail is missed.


Portuguese Winter Living Reinvented
In order to best enjoy these months, the ONE Select Properties team has gathered some of the best products on the market which graciously modernize however maintain the tradition of our beautiful regions. Whether you are living permanently in the Algarve, or looking to buy or sell a property in Portugal, immersing yourself in the way of life in Portugal can truly make your experience unique.

Dive into some beautiful products and let us know what you think… 

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